Zombie Run!

Hello hello everyone and welcome back to the blog, for those who have been reading you guys know I have been training for the Spartan Races and so I have to run which by the way I hate. So with that in mind I have been thinking of ways to make it more fun and this is when I found the app called Zombie Run!

The app is a fitness app that is both available on the IOS and android market, now you must be asking what is so great about this app since there is a ton of run apps out there. Well the thing is that its a game where you play the role of Runner 5 the protagonist of the game whose main job is well...to run. While on your running adventure you go and collect supplies or resources to build up your township from the zombie apocalypse.

However that is not the main reason on why this app is awesome it also has the a story and a darn good one in my personal opinion. The feel of running with a horde of zombie chasing after you is pretty fun and running at night a fear factor. Also if you slow down too much while running the zombies will catch up to you and end the mission so there is some incentive to actually moving instead of just standing around like derp.

The app also comes with some standard features from a running app, such as records your distances, duration and routes. Not only that you can upload them online for others to see your zombie escape plans, and your township status on your build. As a gamer that love the build your base type of game this is really cool as it pushes you to be active and train you when the real zombie apocalypse kicks in.

You can check the game and how it works in detail with this link below; and with that im going for a run township needs some batteries!


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