Greetings everyone! How are you doing this fine day? So if any of you are Game of Thrones fans, and lets face it most people are, I have a wonderful present for you that I’m sure you all will enjoy, Make sure your audio is up as high as it will go and I want you all sit back and enjoy:

Yes I know It was fabulous and you wonder how I find such amazing and interesting things on the interwebs. Simple answer its a gift really, it comes with being awesome. That in mind…. It is I, Andrew the most amazing of Student Ambassadors here to entertain you all once again!

On the game watch, I have decided to revisit the game that was released on the market by the fabulous intern team I was a part of: Team Alchemica. For those of you that don’t know, in March I released my first game to iOS, Android and Amazon platforms: Alchemica. The game is a simple puzzle game developed for kids which utilizes stealth, spells and combat avoidance to maneuver through levels and on to victory! But you may be asking, Andrew, Why are you talking about this project? You already have! You’re so lame. Not true. I’m awesome. Anywho, the reason is that we are actually releasing a new level pack soon! What does that mean? About five more levels and another spell called rage! What does this spell do? Makes the enemies attack each other, and summons the most adorable Totem known to man. We do not have a slotted release date yet, but if you get the chance give it a download and support starving students everywhere!

Next up we have Student Government! As Easter is coming up quickly we decided we needed to do something special for the date! So what would be better than eggs hidden strategically all over campus? That’s right the school was covered in about 200 eggs all containing funny little nerdisms and nerdy jokes, some with wonderful candy and lastly two of the notorious black eggs that win you a special prize that is worthy of my jealousy! (That means they’re cool prizes)

That’s All for Today!

Lame Joke of the Day: A duck walks into a bar and orders a beer and says “Put it on my bill.”

Food For Thought!



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