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For those that may be interested, I have a blog separate from this one where I have started posting the art work that I'm working on. For most of them, I want to post the steps I took to making that particular art. And on that note, if some of you are more into photography, I have a friend who has a pretty cool blog. I hope to be linking some awesome tutorials that I find as well. I just have to sift through the stuff that I've found but haven't tried out yet.

I just saw the Lego Movie last night, and it was so fantastic. I always have to appreciate the hard work they had to put in to make a movie like this. And the music! That was good. I can't say I really remember the instrumental music, but Batman's song and the Everything is Awesome song were fantastic. I really recommend that everyone go and see that movie. I can't get you a clip of my favorite scene, but all I will say is SPACESHIP!!!!!!!!!!


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