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Hello everyone!

Starting off this new semester has been incredible to say the least, and with the new classes that I'm taking over Mobile & Cloud Computing, Security Essentials and C# Programming, there's always something new every week. As we progress further, there are several events that are worthy of note for the next few weeks!

On June 21st, we here at UAT will be hosting another Tech Trek Discovery Expo (Fly In Geek Event) for students from all over to come down and visit the campus for a college visit! This trek also includes different events such as the Tech Forum, and also as an added bonus, we will also be having our semesterly Geek Week planned out for the student body and Angel Hack will be here for the week as a venue for our first ever hackathon!

If you're ever thinking of visiting the campus for the Tech Trek Discovery Expo, it's a fantastic opportunity, as you will receive your own itinerary for the day, be able to sit in on some classes that pertain to your aspired major, meet the students and take a deluxe tour of the campus for more information! Later you can opt to spend the entire day, and night if you wanted to, on campus, hanging out with other students and participating in all of the events, as if you were a real college student already!

It lasts from that Friday-Saturday for the Discovery Expo, but the other events last all week!

Maybe we'll see you there!

In other news though, for any of you Die-Hard Gamers out there, I have recently finished my play-through (Twice) of Dark Souls 2, and I must say that it is everything as great as I hoped and wanted it to be. To sum it up, it does the series justice with the level of difficulty throughout the game, and on top of that, the story is yet again so subtle, that you have to dig deep into the item descriptions and the short dialogue of the characters you meet to get a full feel of what you're actually fighting for and what there is to your journey across the Kingdom of Drangleic.

Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II brings back the idea that video games should pose a challenge to the player, and in the age where there are hefty tutorials where the developers felt it necessary for the game to teach you the ropes, it makes things easy enough that once cleared, you're essentially powerful enough to plow through any obstacle you come across.

In Dark Souls, it is very apparent that you cannot simply run past everything (unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing!) or kill everything you come across with ease. The "Tutorial" that exists in the game is only preparing you for a fate much worse than death in the Dark Souls universe, and only serves to make you dread what is coming up ahead. My friend John took up the challenge and died 7 times during the first segment(s).

In an era where the games also tell you exactly where to go, these games offer nothing to you other than, "Ring the two bells" in Dark Souls, or "You must seek more powerful Souls" in Dark Souls II. Everything is so subtle on where you need to go, that you get a subtle direction on where you should be going, but the path is treacherous and there are so many twists and turns that could lead you astray.

I know I've gone off on a tangent here, but these are all the reasons why I love this series. The gameplay has such a high level of difficulty that no two runs are the same, and the players that enjoy the game are almost guaranteed to have different strategies to go about it. The character customization leads for so many diverse builds that you can play it differently every time. And the lore is so phenomenal that I highly suggest anyone who plays it to take your time with the game, because the story was so mind-blowing for me that I just had to go back and play it again to see if my suspicions were true.

Truly, it is quite a fantastic game and a wonderful addition to my Steam library. Next up will be Smash Bros 4!

Until next time, Keep Calm and Praise the Sun!

-Nicholas "TAE"

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