Toe Woes and Chaotic Catch-Up

Happy Discount Chocolate Week!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their February! I on the other hand have been having quite a rough time lately. I recently had an ingrown toe nail fixed which had been bugging me for a few weeks, and unfortunately still have a lingering fatigue from whatever infection came with it. It's been pretty detrimental on my work as of late, which brings me to my next point:


Times like these are when I realize how important it is to communicate with other students, professors, faculty, and family. Being ill can create a significant, if not a total, loss in productivity so it's important to make sure your teachers and game project leads know what's up! Lucky for me, I've got a lot of great teachers and understanding friends who have been keeping me from drowning in what has quickly become a flood of projects.

Still, it hasn't been all bad! Recently I picked up the Collector's Edition of Bravely Default, which has been a lot of fun even though I'm only 2 hours in. I have a few friends who are already a good 40 to 60 hours into the game! In fact, I was so impressed just by the visuals that I made a Miiverse post to show off how I felt.

Kid on Computer

Also, while I may not be participating (what with the mountains of catch-up I need to do), UAT will actually be hosting Humans vs. Zombies in the near future! It's super exciting to see everyone running around the school with Nerf guns and bandannas tied around their heads. I even bought myself a Nerf gun the other week in anticipation for all the crossfire!

It seems we're picking up the pace with 2014 now, and I'm excited to see what's around the corner. (Hopefully not a zombie)


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