Swirling Pools of Dark Matter Above My Eyeballs!!

Your earnubs will explode at the awesomeness that is about to be heard if you watch the below video. But seriously… watch this… enjoy it… and be sure to have a spare pair of underwear laying around because (for those of you that watch Archer) *sploosh.*


Were you not entertained?! But seriously if you didn’t watch that video I take it personally and we are no longer friends. Anywho! It is me yet again, Andrew Raabe the Most Awesome of Awesome Awesome Student Ambassadors! I am back once again to tell you about the great and marvelous happenings that are going on at level 19 aka UAT. Some cool things have been a brewing in the Bindery as a supply of 30 new 15” Cintiq machines has come in from Wacom! Slotted to take over one of our electric classrooms next semester, it has made every artist of our drool with anticipation. So if you are an incoming/potential art student here at UAT, your experience just got ten times better =D.

Moving onto our Game Watch…. I have have finally released a game to the Android and iOS App store! It goes by the name of Alchemica and some of you may recognize the title as the game that won GDC Sponsorship this year (around a $20,000 value.) We will be releasing to the US market for both of these platforms in about two or three weeks! You should check it out (its free!) The game follows the travels of a boy named Atu on his quest to heal his mothers ailment. Using his powers of Alchemy Atu sneaks and otherwise outwits enemies of the dangerous jungle in his search for the ultimate healing herb.

Lastly we have our level Student Government to talk about. It was a pretty interesting start to the February month when we brought in the Blood Bus once again to come and suck your blooooooddddd. But seriously we had our blood collectors come around and we had 27 Students/Staff donate which will be a big help to those in need in the area. Coming in the future we will be hosting a yard sale at Founders hall to help students get rid of some items they might have hanging around. But soon after that we will be hosting our Geek Week! A week filled with Carnival games and tons of events! More on that once it has become certain though!

That’s all folks!

Lame Joke of the Day: What is it called when a pony has a little cough?

Answer: “He’s a little Hoarse.”

Food for Thought!



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