We Survived! And other news..

This past weekend here at UAT was filled with Rain, Cold, and most importantly.. Zombies! For students here, we participate in semesterly events of Humans Vs. Zombies, which prove to be getting better and better with each semester. This was my second official game, yet it was so much better than the last, particularly because of the new moderation help and the mission layout! With the torrential rain we received in Arizona, it added an extra twist to the escort and the search/retrieve missions we were tasked with, even though I did perish to the zombie horde right on the front steps of the school...

All of that aside, I did get revived, so no worries! And then with the combined efforts of all the humans, we emerged victorious for the first time in like.. Ever! The zombies had a mean streak going on with overpowering the humans year after year, but this semester we won! It was surely an amazing experience, 10/10 would recommend.

Other news aside from the zombie apocalypse of Tempe, I have more news from Angelhack! As it stands right now, we are in the runnings of having UAT as a venue for such an event, of which we can invite the entire community to participate in the "hackathon", where many students or individuals can compete in various competitions for the chance at money/scholarships! Others can begin networking with various members of the industry, and the winners overall in the games will be on their way to a conference in southern California for a proper competition and awards ceremony!

For anyone interested in anything in the realm of hacking, I strongly urge you to look into an Angelhack event near you, as they hold events in over 120 different venues around the country. It's a great place to do networking with those in the industry, who knows, you may have an on-the-spot interview to begin a new job or internship with a company! It features both technical and life hacking, for the sake of adding ease-of-access and better functionality in our daily routine! Needless to say, it'd be a great opportunity!

For more information, you can find AngelHack here: http://www.angelhack.com/

And for you gamers out there, Praise Helix! Twitch Plays Pokemon is underway in Pokemon Crystal version, and they're making extreme progress! And Praise the Sun, Dark Souls 2 comes out on console in 5 days!

Until next time,

-Nicholas "TAE"

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