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SO for those of you that follow my typical blogs, be warned! This is not one of those. So I was a part of the glorious Team Alchemica, who developed the game.... wait for it..... Alchemica! (If you haven't given us a download on your Android or iOS device... SHAME but download it here www.alchemicagame.com.)

Now you may be wondering, Andrew why are you deviating from your normal routine thus? It confuses me and makes me want to cry! Fear not, I shall entertain. We won a free trip to GDC, which is what this talk is all about. For those of you that don't know, GDC is the Game Developers Conference which is held every year in San Francisco. What goes on at GDC one might ask? Well it is basically a conference for developers to go and meet other developers, party and make friends. This conference is everything E3 is not. You will meet the real people behind making games and you will find that they are human. My personal experience is meeting and talking to people who were just as normal as me, and found out that they ran GameLoft, WildTangent, Rovio, PocketGamer. Plus some job offers which hopefully help me get a job in the real world! Without further adieu pictures.

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