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Hello hello hello, what is up everyone hope you guys had a kick butt weekend for Easter. Well after eating so many chocolate eggs I had to go back on this thing call health, so I decided to go back running to burn as many of those dark chocolate surprises, also from follow up to my blog of last week with the Wellness competition here with the school employees. The first weigh were this past Monday and I stood at a whooping 210 pounds which is heavy on me and how out of shape I am. I will keep you guys updated every week on my standing weight each week and see if I am making any progress on that.

Moving on to the actual title of the post which for some of you might be wondering " What?". Well you see the main reason that I run is because to build endurance for running specifically as it is needed when it come to obstacle races, and of course one of the most important things about running in general is oxygen. So with that in mind I got myself a mask that stimulate high elevation training which regulates the amount of oxygen you intake through nozzles and I have to say it does some work on you. I don't recommend it for anyone to do it right away if you haven't exercise in a while.

Now for me I am still struggling with it just because the air becomes so much thiner with it, which is good as it forces my lungs to work harder and will later hopefully increase my air capacity and work out more efficiently. Here below I hook up a link to the main site of the training mask, I personally order mine from Amazon;


with that I bid you guys adieu and later, Myagi.


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