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Hello hello everyone hope you guys had a good weekend, so one thing that I try to do while blogging (which I do poorly) is to try to keep the content new and sometimes its not that easy. So over the last week I found something pretty rad that I have seen glimpses of but never got really into it, and that would be Young Justice. For those who do not know what Young Justice was a show on cartoon network that was an adaptation of the Young Justice comic series. The show focus primarily on young superheroes in the DC Universe. Some of the main cast include; Robin (Dick Greyson), Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, Zatanna, Speedy, and Rocket those are the main cast of the first season and let me tell you I am not disappointed.

Im about 18 episodes in the first of two seasons of the show and man am I junky the show itself plugs really well into the universe that already exists. The characters are not the stupid sidekicks that we may have a mindset, even though they are young they act much differently and understand the responsibilities given to them. However doesn't mean they cant act like regular teenagers and that what makes them a great combo as all great heroes are flawed.

The events that happen during the timeline is a natural progression with pleasant surprises and twist giving the chance for characters to grow even more and see how they each fit into each other roles. Overall the show is pretty good if  you want to see how "sidekicks" try to fight out of the shadows of the big boys like superman and batman and how they become their own in the universe while still enjoying the cool pew pew fights. Go watch it and down below here is where I watch my content.

With that I bid goodbye....

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