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Hey everyone, I have recently made some big changes to my website to expand for a big project I hinted at earlier this semester. My site, WULF.DESIGN, had a major face lift to be better suited for many new pages to come. I have condensed all of my websites - professional profile, theory blog, design, and code - into one site. So the big project is the code. I am building a (to start off) C++ source code and reference site. The site's goal is to build well written, easy to use programs and features in the language. I cover basic C++, data structures, algorithms, classes, and other source code. Besides just reference, I have tutorials on building larger structures. I have half of the "Let's build a class" tutorial up. It step-by-step builds and explains the code, what its doing, and what were adding to it. The class tutorial will cover topics like deep copy, custom constructors, inheritance, and more class features. It is all written clearly and has plenty of comments added on each time something changes throughout the steps. I am also close to having a nice doubly linked list and vector uploaded to talk about.  All of the code segments will look like below:

code segment 1

On top of code, I have a passion for writing about theory in programming and technology. I have a formal space that I post about different topics and theories in programming and design. I hope to invest more time into my site and the topics it covers later this semester when my workload of school goes down a bit. I cannot wait to have some time off to really get into producing the site! I plan to keep it updated and luckily it is built with GitHub implementation, so the code can be easily updated or changed if needed. There is a place to search, contact, and contribute to the site, as well. I invite you to check it out and let me know what you think of it! I am always looking for contributions and thoughts on this "project."


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