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"Project Infinity" is the first project of mine I will be talking about. This project is not final, but I want to talk about some drafted information. Project Infinity is a terminal-based simulation that unites art, hacking, and storytelling into one world that the player must progress through using realistic network security tools. This project is my Student Innovation Project that turns a story into a hackable adventure using two tools, NMAP and MetaSploit, to navigate the network within the game.


Roberto - Product Owner

Gage - Lead programmer

Josh - Game Art

"Proxy" - Network Security Tools


Project Infinity is built with the C++ language and is compatible on Windows and Linux. Proxy and I took the aspects of NMAP and MetaSploit that we needed in the game and, after it was explained to me what any of the tools did and how they worked, I translated them into C++ and into the game. This was the most time consuming and complicated part of the project. I am not familiar with the tools, so I really had to have the programs explained to me step by step knowing what the input was expecting, what it did, and what the result of that action was. It got pretty meta when creating a simulated terminal within the actual terminal. This is one of those projects I'll probably look back on in a semester or so and want to completely rewrite it with some better method.


Aimed at curious and inclined network security users, Project Infinity is a standalone learning tool for exploring in a simulated network using opensource tools such as NMAP and MetaSploit. Aerin, a dedicated employee of the obscure Aperium Incorporated, has worked at the company for years. No questions. No qualms. No trouble. The documentation Aerin would write was forwarded upstairs for review and then get paid - simple. Aerin never knew of the outside world... or, at least, doesn't remember how the world functioned at all.


This project is not done, but I hope to have it finished by end of summer. The game is terminal-based right now, but we are experimenting with different mediums as well. There will be more information and images available in a few weeks when the project is presented at the UAT SIP Fair. I am also pushing for a Project Infinity PDF with are of the different rooms and helpful information for the game and the tools themselves.  I will be sure to update where the info and pictures can be found!

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