Never Underestimate Music

Something that never ceases to amaze me is the affect that music can have over memory and games.  Today, for really no reason at all I was started remembering the music from Chrono Cross.  I hadn't heard so much as a single note from the music before it happened, it was just completely at random.  Yet, despite the fact it's been stuck in my head all day I wouldn't say that it's been annoying at all.  The music itself was from the very first video that you see before you even hit start on the main menu screen.  Just for a point of reference here it is:

It was actually this piece of music that first urged me to buy the game.  While most people can appreciate that music is powerful, I don't know that most of them really understand just how powerful it is potentially.  In North America Chrono Cross was released on August 11, 2000.  So nearly a decade and a half later, that music still sits in my mind.  While the game itself was excellent and I loved every second of it, the music is what made the game truly memorable to me.

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