Glitches Galore

It's not uncommon for games to have bugs or glitches.  Actually it's just a fact of life that your game will have bugs or glitches unless it's extraordinarily small in scope and even then there's usually a way.  Finding and fixing these issues can be one of the most frustrating parts of making any game.  However, it should be mentioned that not all bugs are absolutely awful things.  Some of them are outright hysterical or even can add something interesting and unique to the game.  The phrase "There are no bugs, only extra features" comes to mind and in some cases this really is the case.  Grand Theft Auto in fact was born out of glitch that caused the cops in the game to be much more aggressive than they should be.  What once could have just been a forgotten game has become one of the biggest selling franchises in gaming history; particularly with it's most recent iteration shattering world records upon release.  All of this spawning out of glitch.  Enjoy some of these other glitches that for better or worse marked the games they inhabited.


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