Games Need Great Stories Too

A really great game should have a great story to go along with it, or at least in my opinion anyway.  With this practically being the age of FPS dominance sometimes I feel sadly along in that sentiment.  I know that I'm not actually alone in this matter but with so much praise heaped upon games that constantly ignore story completely it can simply feel like this.  Then it's made even worse by the fact it often feels like people don't read books anymore which is where some of the greatest stories of any age are born.

What does give me hope though, is that this semester I'm taking a class where we read and discuss the books in the A Song Of Ice and Fire series or rather the Game of Thrones series as it's better known.  We're only part way through the first book and so far the book is awesome.  The characters of interesting and complex, the story always feels as though its going somewhere meaningful, and the world it's set in is stunningly detailed.  I've never actually seen the show, so this is the first time I've ever ventured even slightly into the realms of Winterfell and beyond.  I would highly recommend the books to anyone.

So in this way it would seem the best way to have a great story is by basing your game off a book.  Books and games, can inhabit the same space quite happily and there have been some truly stunning games back off of books such as The Witcher series.  Skyrim actually came very close to being a game based off of Game Of Thrones before Bethesda decided to turn down the offer.  They decided that they had their own vision for the game and wanted to go a different way which in the end was the best decision they could have made.  If you're going to make a game based on a book then you need to always remember to respect the source material while altering events enough it's still a game and not just an animation of the book.  It's a difficult balancing act to maintain but the rewards can be amazing.

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