Witcher 3: 200+ Hours

If you haven't heard of The Witcher yet then I highly recommend you go check out the series immediately.  The world has been lovingly crafted over the years, the gameplay is exception, and the story is easily one of the best.  While games like Skyrim is a bit more customization, The Witcher has always felt more personal to me.  Every choice you make actually feels like it has a huge impact on the game, and they aren't simple moral choices.  The entirety of the Witcher's world is made up of a moral grey area most of the time where either answer could be right for different reasons.  In fact, in the Witcher 2 there comes a point at which you make a decision that separates the game into two almost completely different stories.  I'm currently playing through the game again to make sure I attend to the secondary path in it's entirety and it's hard to put the game down.  There's a reason why I didn't play the game a second time through immediately because I really couldn't afford to spend all that time again right in a row.  Plus by now all the DLC for the game has come out.  Have I mentioned it was all free?  Yeah, CD Projekt RED is kind of awesome like that.  Every piece of DLC is always free, they made additional tweaks to the game just to make it play better, and games have consistently been phenomenal to start with.

The Witcher 3

Recently there was an article discussing that the next game in the series The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt will clock in at +200 hours if you play through all the side quests.  Which means I may just vanish for a few weeks so I can really dive into the whole game.  Here is the article:

Witcher 3: 200+ Hours

By the way, for the artists: have I mentioned the game's artwork is stunning?  You should really check it out.

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