Where Do Babies Come From?

Well hello there my little minions, how art thou this fine and wonderful dia? I have come to the realization that it has been a great deal of time since I have graced all of you with the presence of one of my blogs. I believe it is currently time for one to be writ. SO LET US BEGIN! I am…. as always super cool, I am , Andrew the most amazing of Student Ambassadors here to entertain you all once again!

On the game watch, Destiny has ddddrrooped the bass as it lands into stores and nerds hands everywhere. Campus is greatly abuzz with talk of the last safe city in the universe and their adventures to become awesome god guy or Master Chief, but that’s totes a different genre… right?   I myself have not gotten the chance to play, but have a peaked interest. Alas I have not had much time to get into these sort of things for project work has continued. I am working on the game with the studio, Retora, with which I am employed, its name you ask? Flub Fighter. A game based on giant flubs punching each other into objects to have them terribly maimed and killed! Oh the joy.

Next up we have Student Government! Our glorious leader, Cody Fischer, has left for England with the student exchange program. For those of you who are at all interested in attending UAT, one of the great opportunities that you get is the Study Abroad program. It’s a great opportunity to see the world and meet tons of great people. With the departure of our dear Cody… it has come to me… for I am now El Presidente.


That’s All for Today!


Lame Joke of the Day: What’s Beethoven’s favorite fruit?

Answer :Ba-na-na-naaa!


Food For Thought!

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