What to wear on Obstacle Course Race day?

Alright so this has been a topic that for some people who have done or are about to do an obstacle race, weather it is the tough mudder, spartan race race or anything like that. Attire can be and usually is a very important component of the race. Usually in most OCR (Obstacle course race) they are endurance race that can usually take from an hour and up. For example the Spartan sprint usually takes an hour and under to complete so for those you don't really need to take anything with you.  Though with longer races such as the Spartan Super or even the team tough mudder these can easily span to two hours and up so there are a few factors to keep in mind. Also heads up I haven't done an OCR yet and im still figuring out what to wear myself when I head to my races, so if you have any comments or suggestions go ahead and post them below.

Hydration, one of the most important components for your body and so you need to keep in mind if you need to bring it with you while you race. Unlike marathons where you can run with a bottle OCR are much more difficult to carry with you due to actions that are ask out of you like crawling under barb wire or hoping over walls. In respond to that you can carry a camel back which is a water backpack basically or even a fuel belt, however just like I mentioned it can be a pain to bring with you due that it is additional weight and slow you down or even get caught on some of the obstacles. Thankfully there are also hydration stations along the way but you have to get there in the first place.

This also goes for nutrients that your body is losing when doing an OCR. Th

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