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So when it comes to games, everyone who has ever been to a forum knows that EVERYONE has their own opinions on games.  Everything would be better if they did this, that or the other thing.  The game COULD have been great if they just listened to everything their fans had told them.  The League of Legends General Discussion boards are FULL of people claim to know how to perfectly balance the game for example.  Either way, the fact of the matter is this:  people have no clue what they want.

This is fundamentally one of the most difficult ideas for people to accept most of the time I think.  It's pretty easy to understand, the concept itself isn't difficult.  It's the fact that everyone seems to believe that they are the sole exception to this idea.  In truth though they're simply saying that they want one thing but in reality they want something else.  Here is an excellent video from the good folks at Game Theory that illustrates the point perfectly:


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