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Hello everyone I can now rest easy that my favorite time taking pictures of a wedding was a complete success! I wasn't excepting it to be so much fun, but I had a blast one of the best feeling was seeing a two families gather together for two people. When I first got there I was a mess trying to figure out what lens to use and I was a little freaked that was the only photographer. At first it was nerve wrecking but then I finally just started having fun with the different angles and talking to the groom about what kind of shots they wanted. I was very happy to see that there was a huge flower tree behind them which made the perfect back drop. I think in doing this I have found a new found passion I never thought being a wedding photographer could be so much fun but if you think about it these people are trusting you to get and take something that will be a treasure forever, that feeling is one of a kind. I know that I have much to learn but I want to get better and eventually become a professional. I loved being there the whole time just because everyone was laughing and having a great time even if its not my wedding or I may not know the people taking pictures allows me to be apart of something so big. I have to say my favorite moment is when both the groom and bride were laughing with each other and it was just endearing    and to capture that moment forever was just something that can't be put into words.

Posted on Mar 24, 2017 12:34:03 PM by Jacob Turocy in Blogs

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