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When I first came to UAT, when I did any artwork I had never thought to apply a filter to anything. It wasn't until my first semester when I had started to take my first Game Art class when I realized just how much filters do for artwork.

It's not cheating, or falsifying your artwork when you use filters. It actually can make them so much better. Here is a link to 10 Photoshop filters that every artist or Photoshop user should know.

Here are some cases where filters are great to use:

Now filters are great, but this doesn't mean you should use them for everything. They are good for specific things but sometimes it is the right choice to avoid them.

Here are some cases where filters aren't the best idea to use:

  • Useless filters such as the plastic wrap
  • Over use of them. Moderate how many filters you are using. You want things to be subtle so no one notices them. Cautiously use them to makes sure there is a clear showing of your talents as an artist.

That's all for today guys.


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