The Return of E3

Most people are usually excited for the years when they announce a new console at E3 but on the other hand I believe usually the year after they announce a console is the one you want to watch.  Console launches are great but until the games actually start getting produced then they're not worth much.  Typically the year after a console launch is all about games and that's what this year was about.  Better yet, no one wasted any breath pretending that motion controls were anything other than a gimmick.  But I won't go into my less than enthusiastic views on motion controls.

Moving right along though, it's interesting to be at school filled with people all trying to catch every last second that they can get of the spectacle that is E3.  I came from a town with a school in which often made the whole city feel like if you didn't drink and/or didn't watch football then you really didn't matter, so this was a nice change of pace.  Afterwards, there are plenty of people to talk to about everything they revealed and talk about what games your excited about... well by "talk about" I mean "debate" about which games you're excited about and why you're wrong to be excited about this game or that.  Gamer's are always pictured as these meek individuals who sit in the corner and never say anything.  But put them all in a room together and ask them to talk about games, and you will quickly destroy that notion.


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