The Last of Us Remastered

Hey Everyone!

So this past week one of my friends bought The Last of Us Remastered. This game is definitely one of my all time favorites because of the story and graphics. If you know me, you know I've always been a big fan of RPG, story driven games. Naughty Dog is by far my favorite game company. I've been a fan of all of their big game series ever since most of them came out. I just knew that The Last of Us was going to be great. Although I personally have a hard time with first person controls (darn motion sickness!) it was so worth taking some Dramamine to get through the game!  All of the heart wrenching moments between Joel and Ellie definitely kept me going through the game.

When I had heard that the remastered version had 60fps compared to the previous versions 30fps I knew I had to play it. Now that my friend got the game for his PS4, I've been watching him play it every once in awhile. I even got to play the DLC: Left Behind for the first time in HD and it was great. Just another heart tugging section that had me loving this game even more. One thing that I love about playing a game with another Game major student is when he told me "You might not want to watch me play this cause you'll probably get aggravated at me. I always walk around and look at everything before I do anything." This is exactly what I do when I play games as well and so when he plays it we just walk around looking at all the models and object in the game appreciating all the work put into this great game. In fact, I even had a conversation with my professor about how well this games layout was. We pretty much convinced him to take time to run us through the game to teach us stuff about Naughty Dog's wise choices of textures and placement.

That's all for this week :D


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