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May is here and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt approaches!  With finals finished up, all I have to do now is look forward to how excited I am for this game!  I've been reading through the books recently and it's offering a fresh new perspective on Geralt.  Even though the developers gave Geralt amnesia to allow players to shape him the way they still did a great job of keeping many of his mannerisms in tact.  Truth be told amnesia is a pretty played out mechanic in games in general but it really just shows that it's not about what you use but how you use it.  Old mechanics or tropes can be used to magnificent effect if you take the time to do them right.  This seems to be something that gets forgotten these days even by professional game companies.  New and innovative things will always be the driving force in the industry but just the game has something new in it doesn't mean that the game will be any good... even if the "new and innovative" ideas are done well.  If you want to make a great game then all the pieces around it need to be great too.

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