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There are a few sacred Gamer holidays; E3, GDC, the last friday of Oct. and first two of Nov. (really needs a name... but it tends to be when the biggest titles of the year come out.  Or are delayed from), things like that.  However, there's one that will always hold a very special place my heart: April Fools.  Because of the way the game industry operates, though it can be a really rough industry it also tends to be one of the most light hearted and of course fun loving.  So every year, companies unleash their April fools pranks upon the world.  Some are content patches for short periods of time like Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) in League of Legends or Zombie punting in Dying Light.  Some have crazy announcements like Corsairs Mechanical Gaming Mouse or last year Destiny announced a collectors edition would include a trip to Mars.  Then there are the obligatory Half Life 3 rumors and stories though to be fair that's a year round thing.  People just tend to bring them up more on April fools.  In all it's just a wonderful day to be a gamer.  It's a day that reminds us that at their heart these companies really do make games because they want to add a little fun to the world.  To anyone who wants to bring up the fact ; yes, I realize that these types of stunts increase awareness, and foster good will amongst gamers as well as some other good stuff for the bottom line so that is most likely the real reason why they do it.  To those people I say; shut up, I'm having enough fun and I'm going to choose to not see the business aspect of today for once.   Fundamentally games are about having fun, and April Fools serves as a reminder for the developers to have a little fun.

Examples!  Huzzah!

April Fools 2015 Round Up

April Fools 2014 

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