Summer Concert

Hello Everyone!

This week is finals week! After a pretty busy weekend of finishing up my projects this week has been full of presentations and other assorted finals. This Wednesday the Glee club is having a summer concert out in the quad. It's more of a rehearsed karaoke though. We choose a bunch of summer songs to sing for the crowd, and we're hoping to get some of the audience to come up and sing too. Of course what kind of UAT club would we be if we didn't add in some geeky aspect?? We have a couple songs and a duet that are about games and just celebrating the geek culture! I'm hoping we get quite a bit of people to show up and just celebrate the ending of another awesome semester together. :D

More towards the end of the week I'm very excited to have my parents and sister come out here to visit for one week of the break! We have a whole trip planned. We're going from Phoenix, Las Vegas and to the Grand Canyon. Over they're time here my sister will actually get to stay in the dorms with me so I can give her a whole UAT experience.

That's all for now

I hope you all have a great break (or have had one XD)


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