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Student Innovation Pressure!

Okay so maybe "SIP" actually stands for "Student Innovation Project", but today is more than just another work day. Today, the students who have worked on their projects for some pretty lengthy amounts of time here at UAT are finally going to be put to the test.

It's a really exciting time for everyone! Many of those who are visiting the SIP fair will be potential employers and industry professionals who are not just grading our projects, but our performance and professional skills. So many "P" words, phew. (okay technically "phew" is an "f" sound but it still counts!)

My Student Innovation Project, which I teased in one of my previous blogs, is a Varying Line Art Shader which you can learn more about in the following elevator pitch video:


This was a super fun video for me to work on, and these videos are super important to help newcomers understand what your project is about! Remember, not everyone you talk to about a project you've worked on will understand all the technical things behind it! That's why television commercials seem so stupid sometimes, because they want even children to understand what it is they're advertising. If you want to check out the rest of the SIP Videos for this semester, please check out the playlist here! There are a ton of cool projects.

As I said, the SIP Fair is all about presentation! Make sure you're ready to speak to complete strangers about your project. It can be nervewracking! That's why it's so important to rehearse your presentations and have a nice list of bullet-points ready in case you get questions. There will always be questions you didn't expect to. Be positive! Regardless of how complete or how truly new and innovative a project may be, what's important is presenting it as though it's brand new and the next best thing since canned bread! It may seem weird to come off as a "used car salesman", but confidence sells.

Though with this being my last semester, it'll be so nice to have one more project off my back so I can really ramp it up as I go into my field and into real life.


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