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So as of recently I've had a lot of questions and situations that ask pretty much the same question. "What do I need to know before coming into UAT?" This is a great question and one that I asked before coming to UAT as well.


Yes, you read that right. Coming into UAT, the school expects you to know nothing about anything in you degree before attending. This is exactly why we structure classes the way we do. I personally, came into UAT only knowing a little bit on how to use a tablet as well as very little of Photoshop. To help put you at ease I made this blog to explain how the system works. The Game Art and Animation degree is structured to teach you the very basics of art first. By very basics I mean, teaching you the definition of value, space, movement, balance, contrast, line, and shape. These are principles that are very important to understanding and doing art. By knowing these we can create more dynamic and in depth art. If you already know these, you will never not need a good refresher on these. Now as you progress into the Game Art and Animation degree you'll learn how to apply these to what we do as game artist. The degree starts you out by teaching you every role that is out there for a game artist. Everything from Concept Art to in engine lighting and materials. Now don't freak out. Every class is dedicated to a role and covers anything you need to know about how to do what you need to do.

I can never put in words how amazing the Game Art professors at this university are. With their previous experience and their willingness to work with the student makes them a crucial part to why you shouldn't panic. I cannot mention a single time where I needed help from one of my professors on something I felt was trivial and the professor didn't want to help me with my issue. They have always been more than willing to set aside things just to work with their students to help them, even if the student isn't in the professors class.

I have recently encountered a couple students who are working with me in projects who are noobs in this degree. I am 2 semesters from graduating so there is a clear difference in how much we know. While working on a project these students have come up to me and told me they are afraid to work on things because they haven't taken the class to learn the skills yet. The community here at UAT supports this very thing. We encourage noobs to approach others who might know more to learn. I have met many people at this University who are willing to teach and help other students learn something new.

All in all, it's ok to be a noob. Here at UAT we want to help you out of being a noob.

That's all for today!


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