So you want to get into the Kingdom Hearts series?

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Happy Holidays to you this season! If, over your holiday break, you are thinking about diving into the adventure and long story of the Kingdom Hearts series, let me give you a couple hints.


1. You need WAY more time than you think you have. Each of these games takes quite awhile to beat (meaning at least a day or two if you are speeding through them and ignoring the story) If you decide to be like me and get 100% say goodbye to all of your free time. You may only finish one or two of the games in the time you have put aside for these games.

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2. Realize that there are 7 published games in this series that all have important sub stories to this massive somewhat annoying story line. There are 2 more being worked on now. (start while you can!!)

Kingdom of Hearts 1

3. Instead of buying the whole 7 individual games, if you have a PS3 get those Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5 and 2.5. These games give you not only extended gameplay from the Final Mix versions of KH1 and 2 that were originally only released in Japan but a summarized version of some of the not so important games.

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4. Regarding #3, if you get to play the summarized versions of 358/2 days and Re. Coded do yourself a favor and play the actual games as well. I know it will be tedious but they leave some information out in the summarized versions.

5. Remember that the game order that you should be playing the game in is in the same order that the games were published. The story will jump around and it get confusing no matter what order you will play it in but at least you will be able to understand the base story before getting into all of the time jumping madness that is Birth By Sleep and Chain of Memories.

6. Play the original versions. Since games like Chain of Memories, 358/2 days, and Coded were all remade make sure you play the original versions. Not much is different but it was the original and the remade might have worded things a little different or gave you a little more information.

Take these points into consideration when thinking about starting the Kingdom Hearts series. It's a lot of work and most of the time the story doesn't make sense. If you can put the pieces of the story together then you will realize why so many people love this series. I highly recommend this game series because it has a great story, great gameplay, and is a great way to spend your break.

Don't let these scare you away! But if you definitely think that this series it too much for you but still want to know the story here is a 20 minute video that will tell you all of the main story of the kingdom hearts series!

[su_youtube url=""][/su_youtube]

If you want an even more in depth version of the story check it out here:

[su_youtube url=""][/su_youtube]

Anime Character with Key

That's all for today!


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