So You Want to be a Game Developer?

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I was reading an article on Gamasutra that talks about some skills that you should have or get when you are a game developer. Why do I say game developer instead of one specific branch? Because I think that this should apply to all of the game creation branches.

The article had a translated part of an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. Here are the skills that Miyamoto thinks every Game developer should have.  Here is the link to the article. 

"Also, although you should of course play games, it’s absolutely critical that you do other things too. You need to know what people find fun and interesting in life generally. And to do that, you’ve got to try a lot of things yourself. Sports, music, anything is okay, just so long as you expand your own horizons.

-Shigeru Miyamoto

He continued with:

"I think it’s also important to have many friends, and have people you can talk with. Most people, by the time they get to college, know the kind of people they like to be with and are inclined to hang out with them all the time, but I think it’s important to actively seek people outside of your own circle and experience, so you can see more of the world. Being able to focus in and really get absorbed in the things you love is also important."

Do you agree with this?

I firmly agree with this because this is how we know what to create. Going out and experiencing things is one of the best ways to get great inspiration and drive to create or start a new project. It helps us create things that are more realistic. Here is an example of how the arists and designers actually go out to go experience things to help them create a game that is believable and realistic.

Final Fantasy XV:

[su_youtube url=""][/su_youtube]

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