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RTX Austin 2017

This summer I am excited to be joining a few friends from UAT to drive down to Austin, Texas this July 3rd to 10th to attend Rooster Teeth's RTX 2017! I have been a fan of their content since about 2009 and fall asleep to their podcast every single night. I am so happy to get an opportunity to take a week from school and work to finally attend one of their events! My goal is to see the RT Podcast, Achievement Hunter, Red VS Blue, and Founding Fathers panels (and anything Funhaus). I really have no other major plans other than attending the event and going with whatever is available at the time. There isn't much I wouldn't want to see.

RTX 2017

Other than the event, which takes place July 7 - 9, I will be in Austin for a full week. This is another awesome bonus because my friends and I will be able to spend some time in the unique city. It's funny to hear so much about Austin from the RT Podcasts that even though I haven't been there, I already know some local restaurants that I must try! I suspect they will be filled with other fans that listen to the podcast, as well. For right now, though, I don't have too much to say as I've never been to Austin or RTX, so I cannot wait to be there and talk about it once I get back!


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