I'm approaching my final semester here and as always I'm attempting to be the best designer I can possibly be.  I've actually gone through most of the design courses at this point, and I can program at least well enough to prototype.  But I feel if there's any area I'm lacking in at the moment it's probably the Art department.  I've taken some of the art classes here but I still feel like I could do more.  So just as a matter of being well rounded, next semester I'll be taking Game Texturing and frankly I'm really excited about it.  When you look at game textures outside of the game, or rather the model they're used on they can look a tad... bizarre.


In fact, I think the argument could be made that they might stray into the "downright terrifying" department.  Being vaguely terrifying aside, no matter what stage you're at in the game development process, texturing tends to be one of those things you consistently hear about.  I'm particularly interested in this unwrap process, since the actual creation of the texture seems to be somewhat straight forward.  That isn't to say that it's easy... just more straight forward.  No matter what your own inclinations are though, if you're looking to be a game designer its important that you always try to make sure that your skills are well rounded.  When people say that Game Designers work closely with the entirely team THEY MEAN IT, so knowing about the other areas of game development is invaluable.

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