Returning to the East Coast, Have a Great Break!

Hello Everyone!

As the end of the semester rolls around, we're finally chugging out all of our final projects and getting everything ready to take a short break that will start this upcoming Friday and end on September 8th to begin the new year. I for one am excited, for in the time being, I will be returning home for the break, so that means just over two weeks in Indiana!

Here at UAT it is estimated that around 70% of our on-campus students come from outside the Arizona area, as such I am no different. I must say that spending a year in this area is extremely different than my past 18 years in Indiana/Kentucky. For one I really enjoy the lack of humidity here, and the heat really isn't as bad as everyone else makes it out to be! The seasons over in the Ohio River Valley are a little bipolar to say the least, where we get a large amount of rain, maybe some sunshine, turning into a hail storm later if the conditions are met. We can reach temperatures of over 100 still, and with humidity being present, it's much worse than 110 here in Arizona!

I look forward to my time back at home, it's a great opportunity to be with my family after not seeing them for an extended period of time, and even more so for my friends back at home who've probably either started college already or are about to within the coming weeks. Even my little brother started 2nd grade over 2 weeks ago!

If there's anything I could pull from my experiences here at UAT and Arizona, is:

Travelling is amazing. Never give up the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries you believe are there. When I brought up the idea of going to a college in Arizona, most of my friends and especially my family thought I was crazy, but I still flew out here for one of the Fly-In-Geek Events (Now Discovery Expo) and I immediately felt at home at the University.

The Year-Round Schedule is very nice. It's a great feeling knowing that my time is going to something great, especially my education here, where I can expedite the time I can fill out my degree with. After all, I'd still be taking anywhere from 9-10 semesters anyways with my dual major, of which I can get both degrees by the time my friends back home are finishing their first undergrad!

It's definitely been an experience to remember here at UAT, and the semesters keep going by faster and faster as the time goes by. Be sure to savor the time that you have during these years, and be sure to enjoy every last minute of it! Keep cool and play some video games with some friends!

Until next time, Have a great break!

-Nicholas "TAE"

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