Renaissance Festival of Arizona!

Greetings and salutations everyone!

If you or your friends/family are looking for a cool activity to take part in by the end of the week, then I would highly recommend checking out the Arizona Renaissance Festival! It comes around every year from about early February to the end of March, and it's definitely a really cool place to go to!

I've done posts previously about the event, where you would have seen pictures of me and my friend Ash taking a bite out of these MASSIVE turkey legs, or us attending the Jousting Tournament, but there's even more than that available!


1014303_802075993155096_1460859539_n Picture is myself on the left and Ash on the right!




10913664_1009882319041128_151006247_n-290x515 The Jousting tournament was pretty hype


I've always been a fan of anything in any way related to the middle ages or renaissance themed, and my friend group has made it a point to go at least once every year when it's in town. It is a bit out of the way considering it's about a half hour to 45 minute drive away from where we live in Tempe, but it's still well worth it!

If you're ever interested in going, tickets can be bought at the gate of the establishment or at any Fry's Grocery (I believe so at least), where you can find more information about it here!

If you decide to go on this upcoming Saturday, you may very well find me and my friends there!

Until next time,

-Nicholas "TAE"

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