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Greetings and Salutations!

Throughout the last few weeks, UAT has been in uproar in terms of everything that has been going on recently! Next week is the Discovery Expo, where all the students will be invited to be coming down to the campus for a college visit, and all along the way we'll be having other kinds of events, from our Club Takeover, to Career Fair and Tech Forum!

Some old news, Humans Vs Zombies was recently, where we participated in our semesterly rampage to be able to hunt each other down in this crazy game of tag! This year however, the humans did not win, so we're back on the streak that we need to recover from! The missions were less brutal this time around, particularly because of the lack of torrential rain coming in from various tropical storms, and there was also the Extra Life Game Jam happening here on campus, where some of the students were busy streaming video games and raising money for charity. It did get down to the point where we were holding out on the canal when they tried charging once more, and that is where I fell, after taking down 6 zombies myself! It was an exhilarating experience, as always, and we'll be looking forward to another game come around February or March!

Fast forward to future news, Club Takeover is a period of time set aside on the 4th of November for all of the clubs here at the University where they each have various events set up around, such as setting up stations for gaming, running around with Nerf Guns in a nerf wars event, or even possibly the chance for open mic karaoke for any participants! Another example would be my club: The Pokemon Battle Circuit, where we will be taking over a classroom to play Pokemon Stadium 2 for the Nintendo 64, with the various other students that would drop by!

If you're thinking of dropping in for the Discovery Expo, now would probably be one of the best times to do so! With these events going on, we have other student driven events and I believe there will also be a game jam happening on the weekend of the 8th, so you could see first hand the means people go through to make some games, participate yourself, and hang out with us all day on Saturday!

Until then,

-Nicholas "TAE"

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