Powering a Goliath

When you're building a computer, you're bound to put a lot of thought and effort into what you put in it.  Intel vs AMD CPU, Nvidia vs AMD Graphics card, motherboard, getting enough Ram and making sure it's compatible and many others.  Yet there's probably one think you probably won't think about quite as much as you should: your power supply.


This brick looking piece that frankly most people will simply say:  Does it provide enough power?  Yes.  Good! Sold!  Well actually you might want to put a little bit more thought into than that.  If for absolutely no other reason than this: you need to keep in mind that this device is plugged into almost every single part in the computer directly, if you buy a cheap one and it decides to go, will it take the rest of your computer with it?  That was something that I had to worry about just recently.

So my power supply died and while it worked it had seemed like it was decent enough.  My computer ran how it should and outside of a couple small issues that I just never connected to my power supply until afterwards.  And in most cases that how it will seem.  The day it died, I was just waiting for Fallout 4 to unlock later that night and I decided to take a nap.  I had just been using my computer and everything was awesome, but after I woke up I tried to turn my computer back on and nothing happened.  I figured out the problem pretty quickly and took a trip to a local electronics store but sadly everything they had was overpriced, in addition to being crap so I decided to wait until the next day.  I don't make a habit of rushing any decision I make with my computer so I thought despite my excitement for Fallout 4, I need to take a moment.

I started to look into it a little bit and for about an extra $10 I got a power supply that: 10 year warranty (Last power supply lasted about 4-5 years), a higher rated efficiency of energy usage, and a whole bunch of fail safes that my old power supply simply lacked.  Amazon also came through for me the next day with a great power supply and free same day delivery.

When it comes to your computer, it pays to be a little more patient and just look around a bit.  You might be surprised what you'll find.

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