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Greetings and salutations everyone!

Today I had several discussions with prospective students and their parents, and one of the topics I found myself talking about the different kind of things that we do, and places that we go to as well as students. While attending UAT, I never really realized many of the opportunities that we have all around for the different places that we can go, such as events, conventions, conferences, and many more.

As it stands, we get formally invited to go to many events, and have the opportunity to go to several events!

Some of the other Student Ambassadors probably already talked about a couple of the events that students have gone to either on their own accord or through the school, but below you will be able to see the different experiences I have seen some students go, and I will go ahead and mark them accordingly on who they went with!

  • Black Hat (School)
  • Defcon (School)
  • Blizzcon (Individual)
  • Pax (Individual)
  • Anime Expo (School - Bus)
  • Rooster Teeth Expo (School)
  • Game Developers Conference - GDC (School)
  • E3 (Individual)
  • Phoenix Comicon (School)
  • Phoenix Film Festival (School)

Then there are a bunch of other smaller festivals we have gone to as well!

  • Matsuri (Japanese Festival)
  • Renaissance Fair
  • Cactus Con
  • Root the Box
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Trading Card Tournaments
  • League of Legends 2014 World Championship (Individuals went to South Korea for this!)

With all of this, there have been student's going every which way to go to these different events. Usually we travel as groups, however there have been many instances where we travel as a school as well to go to these places. For the smaller events, usually it could be the clubs that could have gone to some of these places, other times it would be individuals banding together to go as a group.

It's always fun to travel with friends, and with all the events around here or even in the other states as well, it's pretty awesome to say the least, and there's always something happening!

I would recommend trying to find people who would be interested in such trips/events, and participating in them with them! With this you could come to tournaments such as the Super Smash Bros Tournaments held here in the Arizona scene!

They're all pretty cool and I would highly recommend everything here that we do or we have the chance to go to!

-Nicholas "TAE"

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