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PlayStation_logoGreetings all today I'm going back to the past to talk about my experience with PlayStation. As a young kid I always searched for adventure whether that meant getting dirty playing outside in the woods or climbing mud hills and being completely covered in mud from head to toe. Then one year for Christmas my mother bought me a PlayStation 1, little did I know how this would change my way of life I know today. Surprisingly when I first got it I didn't really play it much this was because I was having adventures outside and mostly playing with my actions figures. Then one stormy day my mother brought home a game called Final Fantasy 7 since I wasn't able to go outside I thought why not try this new game I mean the case looked cool so I thought to myself why not. The first sound was that good 'ol PlayStation 1 startup then the game loaded up and started playing that opening theme and seeing the camera pan from a character I would soon know to be Aerith to the amazing city of Midgar that would become a familiar place to me. Final Fantasy 7 would become a game where I could travel to far of lands and have party members that grew on me. This is when I learned that maybe games are for me in the way that I can experience other adventures that where more than my backyard. As the years grew I played more and more games ranging from Final Fantasies from Metal Gear Solid, Crash, and Spyro all these games were able to give me a great experience and exciting adventures. Then one day the unfortunate happened and my dog had ended my PlayStation. My dog run across the living room getting tangled in the cords ripping it from the desk. But luckily for me after a week or so my mother surprised me with The PlayStation 2, at first I was still mad I didn’t want a PlayStation 2 I wanted my PlayStation 1. The start of my PlayStation experience was with Jak and Daxter this was completely different than anything I have ever played before the game was so vibrant and exciting to me.  The games I started playing were more and more open world giving a bigger spin to my adventures side. Then in 2011 I got my hands a PlayStation 3 and the difference in graphics and changes made where just incredible some of the games where continuations of the ones I played on PlayStation 1 such as Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of Patriots. Overall PlayStation sparked the creative mind to want to make and create games this is where my passion and drive come from.

Posted on May 16, 2016 12:26:14 PM by Jacob Turocy in Blogs

Jacob Turocy

Written by Jacob Turocy

Majoring in Game Art & Animation and Digital Video. Originally from Pennsylvania.


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