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Spoiler alert: creating games is a business.  It's something that seems to be forgotten sometimes but something you should keep in mind none the less.  The reason is because you need to keep in mind that you're creating games for other people and not just yourself.  Ideally it should be for both yourself and others but that isn't always the case.  In any case, as you make games you will inevitably get feedback from your players.  This is a great thing because great games can only be built with great feedback.  Some of this feedback won't necessarily be useful for that particular title because it's simply too much to implement.  Other times these are simple bug fixes or even larger ones that needs to be addressed immediately.  Whatever they may happen to be bringing up, it's always at least worth listening too.  Particularly when they're a little unorthodox.

If you've read any of my other blogs, then you know that I've brought up The Witcher games in the past.  Absolutely amazing set of games and I'm really excited for the release of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.  Anyway these games have always been mature rated games for many reasons: blood, violence, drugs, alcohol and sex.  The whole world acts as a living breathing thing and as a result all of these things and more are apart of it.  Furthermore, they all make sense within their given context.  Recently I found an article on Polygon about a request made from some of the players of the game to CDProjekt RED about The Witcher 3.  In a nut shell, after the release of the first Witcher game they offered a calendar of the sexy ladies of The Witcher.  The request being made here, is actually for another calendar except for the other way around: they want a calendar of the leading man of The Witcher Geralt of Rivia and a hashtag was created: #12monthsofGeraltButt.  Initially the whole situation honestly just made me laugh.  Not because I find this to be ridiculous but it wasn't the kind of news I guess I ever expected to read.

The whole thing was started by a woman with the twitter name Jill Valentine and personally it's something I hope it's something CD Projekt RED follows through with.  Jill seems quite serious about her goal but at the same time isn't afraid to be more light hearted and joke about the whole situation.  She's entirely respective throughout her entire request and I would highly encourage those interested to read the original article and even read through some of her twitter posts if they're so inclined.

Polygon - One Witcher 3 Fan has a simple demand: more butts

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