Pico C The Beer You can make at home

Whats up my dudes and dudettes! We gotta another Kickstarter that I'm gonna be talking about today called Pico C! I found this while looking at Kickstarter to figure out what I'm gonna writ about on this blog and you know what I think its pretty cool.

Beer Brewing

Now I don't know about you, but I'm a raging alcoholic when it comes to drinking. I always love a good beer when I get home and am kicking back with my animoos(I know I'm such a weeb :roll: ). The issue is though that beer is hella expensive! Especially that beer I like to drink. So what could possibly solve this? Well the Pico can! What happens is that PicoBrew sends you the beer mix in these hip containers, you mix it with water, you wait for it to Ferment, put that sucker in a keg and then enjoy till you can't see straight!

Pico Beer

This thing is featured too on a crap ton of articles, so if any of ya'll get a chance you should definitely look it up. When I graduate from school and I'm making the big bucks I plan on buying one :) Gonna make all the beers lol

Pico Beer Screen



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