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Hello all! I have been up to a lot recently and have been trying to get some great shots! Me and a few friends had the chance to go to Payson which never fails to disappoint, the beauty up there is incredible and you wouldn't believe that it was Arizona.  When we went up there we worked on like 4 different projects in one, the whole mountain side was overcast then something spectacular happened it started to snow which was fantastic. I then got one of my photography senses and had to take out my camera and started snagging some pictures. I took way too many at first and only really liked 7 out of the 100 to be honest, but those 7 came out great. This was a great way to relive a lot of stress that has been following me this past few weeks it was nice to unwind and look at life through the lens. Me and Jordan had a chance to film our Gothic literature final up there too I had once again a chance to use the Ursa which is always a fun time and experience we got some really great shots of the landscape since its winter some of the trees and leaves all cleared making the woods like really sublime which is the perfect setting we were going for, the project is a poem about a man killing his wife which and it’s about how the woods is the witness of the grotesque chilling murder. Overall the over cast fell in perfect and most of the pictures I took resembled life in some shape or form.  15230642_1451583988202724_7577502671023773397_n15267527_1451583938202729_5288269599400094730_n












Photography has been going pretty well , one great thing I can see is that my camera shots are improving along with my editing skills as for my next big project is I want to go down town phoenix and just take the whole day of taking pictures along with getting a newer lens. Recently I have a newer editing process that I'm enjoying so much and I hope this builds a great looking photography portfolio. I'm trying to be humble when I say this but I think that my photograph is finally getting better not in just editing form but all forms. What I'm finding in photography is looking for the beauty and trying to figure out how to capture that beauty from all angles.15284119_1458303007530822_2650613846589550403_n 15390951_1460010944026695_3219561840713297689_n

Posted on Dec 5, 2016 11:16:22 AM by Jacob Turocy in Blogs

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