Phoenix Comic Con with A Hint of Crimson.

Hello all as you may know Phoenix Comic Con is going right now and I got to go for free because of my school. I ended up volunteering for the school pretty simple not to mention you get to talk with people so its easy for me. On Thursday I ended up going for Crimson N12339209_949468935125757_4573538364847166640_oights which is the game me and a few friends here are working on. We set up a booth for people to come and play at comic con , which is a great opportunity for us seeing that we are steam green light trying to sell the game on steam. Last time I checked we were at 30 % on the first day , to us thats truly amazing to have this growing support from our families and friends , an anyone who has support us thus far.[su_youtube url=""][/su_youtube]




This is also my first real Comic Con experience and so far its been great the people there are very supportive and just enjoy being nice , to me thatfans what it all really comes down to so far the Steam Green light has been going amazing and couldn't ask for a better people that appreciate what do. We have been getting a lot of backing from the people on steam. Not to mention all the great advice for some of the other game booths it honestly helps because when we first got there we where so lost but thankfully other game developers were there to help us and guide us in the right direction.


After we finished the all the game booths then I had a chance to explore comic con which I did and it was such a blast meeting all these cosplayers, its really cool seeing the amount of effort some people go with cosplay like I met this stromtrooper family and they told me they do this every comic as a family and to that pretty cool and exciting. Can't wait to back on Saturday and Sunday!!!!! below our some of the awesomeness that's Comic Con has to offer 13315331_1286495851378206_7863495524525344099_n 13315524_1286496114711513_7643306840165948458_n 13325739_1286496181378173_6690068642220303848_n 13327378_1286495924711532_2822216009159441519_n 13327546_1286496061378185_6774900313873085878_n 13335563_1286495864711538_4673628929194254075_n 13346460_1286495894711535_2975907882991548087_n 13347004_1286496231378168_5715440900048464881_n

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