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It's been awhile since I've started a blog series so I thought it was about time. If you've been keeping up with my blogs you might have known that I am a big fan of Paragon. I know that Overwatch is what's got people hyped about recently but I still find Paragon to be my number 1 MOBA this year. This blog series will be about my guides on how to play characters and how I play each character. It will have a lot to do with the deck building system that is implemented in the game. If you play the game you may be familiar with this system but I will explain it as best I can below.

If you're not familiar with what Paragon is, it is a online multiplayer game in which teams of 5 go against each other player vs. player style. In this game each character has 5 abilities that they can use. Each character is unique in their own way, some characters have a lot of mobility or some characters, if built correctly, can 3-shot enemies. The map that is available now is set up into 3 major lanes with one inhibitor, and two towers. In between the main lanes there is a forest of smaller lanes to strategically run through. The goal of this game it to take out enemies towers and to eliminate their core. Each tower has a defense system so it is difficult to attack on your own as a player, this is why each team has groups on minions that spawn and run down each lane to fight other minions or to attack a tower. In the forest in between the main lanes there are open areas where the player can fight a set of 3 minions to gain a buff. These buffs can vary depending on what side of the map the minions are on, and can give you either a buff to damage and attack speed or mana regen and cool down rate.

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Now to get down to it, lets start with my main, Muriel. Muriel is a support character who is designed to heal allies while fighting. There are a couple different ways to play Muriel. Below you will find Epic's video that describes how Muriel was designed to be played.

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As I said above Muriel can be played and built a couple different ways. Her card affinities are Order and Growth. Due to these cards she can have a range of abilities such as: Physical Armor, Health regen, Max health bonus,  Mana regen, Max mana bonus, energy armor, Cooldown reduction, Critical strike chance, Energy damage increase, Energy  armor pierce, Attack Speed, and Life Steal. With these I'm sure you can see that by strategically using these cards you can have a pretty good build.

The first kind of Muriel that I've seen is a tank support type. This kind a of build will use cars like Brightsteel Plate (Physical Armor 22.00, Crit chance 8.00, and 22 to phys. Armor when maxed), Genesis torch , and Lantern of Spring(Energy pierce 16.00, Energy Armor 22.00, cooldown reduct. 2.50 and a +2.5% when maxed). Using these cards and a couple others that focus on cooldown reduction, armor, and max health. This isn't an ideal or really even an useful build. this build allows Muriel to come into the battle and live a little longer, she will be able to help her allies and take the focus away from them. All in all Muriel isn't supposed to be played this way and I don't recommend you play her this way because there are much better ways to build her dispite her being a bit squishy.

The next kind of Muriel I've seen is the one that does a lot of damage. Players can take the Ranged part of her ranged support a bit too seriously. These players will focus on the growth cards because they will do more damage. So cards like: Stasis Gem (energy damage), SilverSpear (Physical dmg 7.60, health regen 1.40, and max mana 75.00), Charging Brute (Physical Damage 7.60), and other cards that boost Crit chance. Now this kind of Muriel can rush in and help out with finishing off a fight but won't do much for helping her allies. Once again the purpose for Muriel is to support her allies so this build is also not the best and I would also recommend to avoid this.

There are a bunch of forums that you can view that will debate what is the proper way to play Muriel. None of them are right, and even mine isn't right. What I've found this game relies on is the kinds of cards you have. Just having one really good card in your deck can take your character from being not very good and difficult to play to extremely easy and well looked at. Below I'll put the cards I use and the order in which I use them. It's good to note that I don't like starting out with a mana, health, scouts wad, or harvesters keys just because I usually get enough points to start doing things before those cards come in handy.

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It's good to note how I play before I explain how I build my deck. I've been told by very few allies to not waste my abilities on minions but I disagree with this. I do use my abilities no matter who I'm fighting, but I do it to level up faster. The deck that I have will eventually support me enough to never have to return to base for a mana refill. I'm the kind of player who is able to get out of sticky situations without dying. I pick and choose my fights and who I save based on their status. Most of my scores recently have averaged out to be 2 kills/1 death/ and 15 assists. I'm decent at not dying and focusing on keeping my allies alive. If an ally is getting ganged up on and I can only foresee them living for a couple seconds it is not worth me using my ultimate to save them who will inevitably die within the next few seconds and to die myself. It's inefficient. I have been told by friends who play with me that I am an aggressive support. I mean this not in the way of how I build my cards but how I interact with enemies. I have no issue running straight into a fight and running straight into the face of an enemy. Usually this catches them off guard and they back off. either this or they will fight me and I will run. I also mean this in the way of if an enemy is trying to finish off an ally and I have no way to heal them due to short cool downs I will run in between the enemy and my ally to take the damage instead. I usually have a decent health regen and I like to go into fights with full health. I will call a retreat if something doesn't look right or I am low on health, good parties listen to me and I've noticed that those who don't usually will be killed off.

When a fight first starts I will take a card that is called Circlet of Health. This card gives you a +75 to you mana, and will also give your allies a 4.2 health regen when near. this card will cost your first 3 points that you earn. Now I go out and start fighting. I usually like to focus on minions and try to get the harvesters up as soon as possible to get 6 points. After getting these 6 points I go back to the base to go and apply 3 Mana cards to the Circlet. These cards will add 150 points to your mana per one. Recently I was able to get a Pure Mana card that I am able to add to this, so I recommend the best mana cards you have to these you can change them as you see fit throughout the battle but I like to do this card first so I am not coming back to base a lot to refill mana.

After fighting for awhile and gaining a good 6 or 9 card points I come back to base and add Elysian Diamond. This took me awhile to get but it is probably one of my favorite cards so far. This card will boost your energy damage(7.60), max health(100.0), and the most important skill of this is the mana regen(.30) This card is great to apply because just by applying it your mana will start to regen nicely. I apply two Perfect Spark cards(1.2 mana regen) and one Spark card (.6 mana regen) to this card. I you have all perfect spearks use those. For this card the point is to buff your mana regen with the best spark cards you have so apply accordingly. At this point, when you have maxed this card you will be able to leave the base without having to worry about returning due to low mana. If you over use your abilities it may happen but mostly your only down fall at this point should be your cool down rate.

To remedy your slow cooldowns you should focus your next card on this. In my current deck I've been using Pendulum of Lords. This card gives you 100 to your max health, 75 to your max mana, and most importantly 2.5% to your cool down rate. When this card is maxed out then you get an additional 2.5% to your cooldown rate. I apply 3 Advanced Chrono that give you 7.5% cool down rate per card. With this your Muriel is at it's peak. You will be able to rush in to help your allies and have a good enough cooldown to cast all of your spells wait 5-8 second and then cast them again(with the exception of your ultimate). If you don't have all advanced chronos, just like the sparks apply the best you can until you have what you need.

From here you should be fine to finish the game as is but if you want to buff up your Muriel even more there are a couple more cards that I use.

I use Chrono-Mancer Disc and apply the one Advanced Mana that I have to it. After that I apply Major Cast. These Major Cast's aren't necessary but it helps with taking out minions or fending off your enemies while you are protecting your allies. Another card that I use is Lord's Key(boosts your cool down rate even more). If I had the cards I would definitely use Overflowing Gifts (.3 mana regen also allows you another heal when used as an active), or I would use Gift of the Rains (.3 mana regen, 1.4 health regen and 2.8 health regen when maxed).

So that is how I build my Muriel. I'm a big fan of here and am about halfway to getting her to master. There is still a lot that I need to learn but with this build and how I play I have gotten many commendations from players and Epic employees. I look forward to doing another build with you all! I'm thinking Sparrow will be the next :D


That's all for today!


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