Unless you've been under a rock for the last year, Overwatch is Blizzard's next big project.  Essentially Overwatch is a marriage between the team based shoot and the MOBA genre of games, though many people would probably cite games like Team Fortress 2 and Heros of the Storm to be more specific.  It's a game that I'm really excited for and will be out in the very near future.  Each and every character has been given a unique set of skills that are all based around a central theme to each character.


The game is a crazy, fast paced, and shooter that just oozes personality.  In fact, the trailer above felt very reminiscent of a Pixar movie.  How much of this personality is actually reflected in the game remains to be seen as sadly I didn't get into the beta, but the overwhelming response to the game so far has been incredible.  Now with the game's release creeping closer, Blizzard has been releasing these shorts that are doing even more to fill out the world.  The first short features Winston; a super intelligent ape, whose lab is invaded by Reaper.  The most recent one which released today called "Alive" features Widowmaker who recounts her fascination with spiders and her attempt to assassinate a major political figure.  Both videos not only provide incredible backstory for the characters but also do a good job showcasing their abilities and play style.   This is one game you aren't going to want to miss.



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