One More Week!

There's just one more week to go, and so far everything is going as well as I might have hoped it would.  It's a nice feeling to finish each project for each class and know that you can finally relax a little bit.  Plus I will get some pretty good work to add to my portfolio when everything is said and done!  I'll have a few board games, a card game themed after an excellent book series, as well as the additional work I got done for my SIP Project.  All the weeks leading up to this point always feels like I can never get it all done, but I always do and I do rather well for that matter too.  Plus I am moving this weekend, so I've been trying to get that all planned out as well which has just been an added load of work.

Next semester should be a bit easier overall, and I' hoping that because of that it will at least be a little less stressful.  For now though, I already know what I'm doing over the break: I've had The Last Of Us DLC: Left Behind for a little bit now, and I'll finally give that the time and attention that it rightfully deserves.  I loved every second of The Last Of  Us so I knew that I was going to need to give this game some time.  Sometimes its just nice to have a great game you can sit down with for a few hours and just get lost in the whole experience.  Games that you can just pick up and put down at a whim are nice enough and definitely have their place but its always that games that I can marathon on that I love the most.

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