On the Up and Achoo! College Health Tips

So this will be a quick little blurb, but with the fall starting to encroach it seemed like a good time to make a little post about allergies.

That's right. I've been wading around in this toxic mess of pollen, mold, and weeds for a few weeks now. My head feels about as swollen as that blueberry girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Some people who are in classes (myself included) often forget about factors that may affect our learning experience outside of the classroom.


This is more a remind for me more than anything, but stay hydrated! Headaches, fatigue, and just cruddy feelings in general always indicate that someone should be filling up their body with this precious fluid.

Now Monster and Red Bull might be good for keeping you awake at night when working on projects, but it's not helping your brain or your body function properly. A good rule is have one glass of water per every "serving" of another beverage. Keep a water bottle on you if you can. Use filters to make it taste good without having to spend money on a bunch of plastic bottles. There are a ton of options here!


Now hear me out on this, because I'm sure everyone who reads this will just roll their eyes and be like "of course, this one is obvious even if I know I don't get enough sleep a lot". Sleep is more than just a tool for re-energizing. Knowing when and how to sleep is also important.

Check your sleeping habits! I recently found out about the symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome which was caused by a mix of how I work at a computer and how I lay on my arm while sleeping. These small details can lead to big improvements when you do wake up.

Sleep learning is also something that people don't realize they can benefit from. Just last night I had a dream that I was playing Minecraft, which may seem like just another ordinary dream so once again please hear me out. I am currently in a Level Design course for the Game Design Degree here at UAT and so when I dreamt about playing Minecraft I was actually dreaming also about how the level design in my dream showed off some of the key rules we have been introduced to in class. Sleep learning is very real even if you don't have dreams about schoolwork like I do, so maybe it's worth reviewing your notes one last time before bed as opposed to playing more games or checking social media on your phone.

Physical Fitness

Once again I can imagine everyone going "ugghhhh I've heard this already".


Well yes but just do it. Make your dreams come true. The fact is a lot of people would benefit physically, emotionally, and mentally from exercising just a little every day. That's why they have those advertisements for children as well.

Maybe just find 5 or 10 stretches that you can do every morning. If you live somewhere where your car is parked a ways away from your home, maybe just jog instead of walk to get your blood flowing. I know sometimes when I'm feeling kinda fatigued or sad I just do a few pushups, it keeps my mind and body awake so I don't constantly feel like I'm in a low.

It's the Small Things

These are just a few of many ways to improve quality of daily life that I've experienced myself. Often enough in "study tips" you'll see how to take notes or make flash cards, but there isn't enough about the physical, mental, and emotional health that also has an impact. Take care of yourself and you'll go far!


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