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I was reading an article about a hashtag that is trending on twitter right now. The hashtag is #絵描きさんの作業環境が見たい. This means "I want to see artists’ work environments." in English. A bunch of Japanese artists are taking pictures of their work environment to Twitter to show what they work on and what their set up is.

Japanese Artists Show Off Their Workspaces

I loved looking though this hashtag because it shows how different every artist is. Some have very simple set ups of just a couple notebooks or a tablet and a screen in comparison to the angled tables with built in cintiq's or even multiple screens and tablets.


Every artist works a certain way. An artist works best when they are in an environment in which they are comfortable with. Whether or not that be messy with markers, notebooks, and references or clean and spacial.


I personally prefer a cleaner environment when I do work. I'm not a big fan of having things in my way when doing art, mostly because I get easily distracted. What I do like seeing, are my figures. I am a big collector of any kind of figure. I have many from anime and games. I even buy collectors editions just because they have a figure included. Anyway, These figures help me focus and feel at home when I am doing art. Many people might disagree but your environment in which you do your art has a lot to do with the quality of your work. If you were to sit in an unfamiliar place, where you feel uncomfortable then your work will be affected by this.


This brings me to one of my favorite facts about this industry. Your employers are pretty relaxed and don't mind if you personalize your space. In many documentaries or interviews you may see some of the artist work areas and may notice that they are each a bit different and personalized.

 Weta's Greg Broadmore

If you want to show off your work space go put a picture on twitter with the tag  #絵描きさんの作業環境が見たい!

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