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Hello all!

So this week at UAT is move-ins and orientation! Welcome to all of the new students for the Fall Semester! I thought that I might make a blog post with some advice for moving into UAT or just college in general. There is a big difference between moving in from instate and moving in from out of state. I personally moved in from out of state and ended up driving a good 27 hours in my small car to get here. When I got here I only had my essentials. We ended up buying all of my dorm supplies when I moved into the dorms.

Are you moving into the dorms?

If you're moving into the Founder's Hall dorms you should know a couple things before going out and buying or bringing everything. I'll list below a couple things I advise you do before hauling and buying everything.

1. Talk to your roommate! This is really important! You should find out if your roommate is a current student or a new student like you. This will help you figure out if you need to buy things like a shower curtain for the bathroom and anything else that is used by everyone in the room.

2. Check out the room! After checking in to the dorms, instead of immediately bringing things up to the room, go check out your room. This will help you determine what side it yours, if you would like to bunk your beds, or if you want to change the dresser styles that you need. This is also the best way to figure out what you need!

3. Make a list! when you are checking out your room, make a list of everything you're going to need. (by everything, I mean EVERYTHING.)

4. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond, or Waltmart! These places have great "college dorm" sales and have pretty much everything you're going to need.

What about during Orientation? What do I do?

1. Hang out with people! These are the people you'll be in classes with for the next couple years. Our CLP leaders are great and are here to introduce you to UAT life. Get to know them, and everyone in your groups. Orientation is supposed to be a lot of fun so make it worth it. We have a whole bunch of geeky events planned just for you!

2. Go to clubs! A lot of clubs are having special meetings just for YOU! Go check them out and see what they're about. Our clubs at UAT are super fun and I've heard a lot of good things from each club. This is a great opportunity for you to start making friends here at UAT.

3. Go to the dorm events! The Founders Hall has worked with the main building in putting together events for students with faculty and professors. Go to these events to meet some of the professors here. If you do you, you'll find that the professors here at UAT are super down to earth great people!

4. Ask any questions you may have! We have Student Ambassadors, Resident Assistants, and a whole bunch of faculty on campus working to help out with any issue and answer any question you may have. Go ask your questions and get help with issues  before the current students come back from break. When everyone is waiting in line to get questions answered and issues figured out it can get hecktic and stressful. Avoid this by asking while you can!

Alright so this is all I have for my move-in tips!


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