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It's something that gets brought up fairly often so I might as well elaborate on it.  Yes, there is a League Of Legends club here at the school and they are very active.  It's not uncommon to find people in the commons until the early hours of the morning just playing and having a good time.  Really though one of the best things about the school is that there are all kinds of games being played here and it brings people together.  You hear all of this stuff about gamers being anti-social and just sitting in dark rooms all day but really that isn't entirely true.  It does happen, but more often than not it's actually just something that brings people together.  Friends made here tend to be the same people that you are working with during projects and on various other forms of homework.  So having something fun you can do together is just a great way to unwind afterwards.  Each year we actually all get together in the theater to watch the League of Legends Championships on the large projector screen and it's a blast!  Pizza, drinks, yelling, and laughing; just flat out fun times had by all.

Plus games like these are fascinating to study from a game design perspective.  All the changes are transparent and are being made constantly.  Some changes seem so immensely tiny, most probably wonder if the change really did anything at all.  But as game designers it's our job to understand why a change that seems so small was necessary and what is the impact it's intended to have.  Things that happen in the game become relevant topics that can be actively discussed in classes.  For instance, in League Of Legends you have critical strikes and on the surface these are based off of probability.  If you have a 10% crit chance then you should have a 1/10 shot of landing a critical strike.  However, this isn't the way the game actually works.  In actual probability, any percentage chance is just that... a chance.  While you should crit once out of every ten times, it's also possible that you won't.  League does something to fix this though by having "Assisted Critical Chance" which ensures that you always have AT LEAST 1/10 if you have 10%.  This is both a good and a bad thing depending on how you want to make the argument.  So whether or not this is bad design can be debated and what exactly this does for the gameplay can have a huge impact.

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