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National Cyber Security Awareness Month Logo. (PRNewsFoto/National Cyber Security Alliance)
Hello all and a good day , Today I want to touch upon how important security is not just for personal and confidential reason but along with worldwide and how it affects us as a country. In October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month , I think this is a great month to educate people how important it is to be secure. Almost everything we own is connected in some way , and in today's world people are on the internet constantly. This month is dedicated to help show people that usually don't deal with cyber security as much, this helps them get an understanding of what to do in situation. When being on the internet you need to take proper precaution so you cant fall victim to online bad guys.  For some of my experience here UAT with the Cyber Security degree , I was able to part take in three classes. The classes I worked in were Security Essentials , System Administration ,and  Introduction to Network Engineering. When I first started in the intro I was pretty nervous just because I didn't know anything about network security so I thought the class was going to be a nightmare but in all honesty it was so much fun we messed with routers and wired them with teammates it was great because the professor didn't expect me to know anything.  Then I had Security Essentials not only did they teach me about software but also the physical side. Which I think is very important to know. Then my last class was System administration and this taught us how to create severs and how to manage them for a company. ants-padlocks-cyber-security

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